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the journal

I used to stare at their photographs. Their work had something that most other photographers I come across just didn’t—it was a touch of true magic. It was in the way they stopped light and captured love, particularly between momma’s and their babies. I found them when they first opened their studio in Arlington through […]

I guess I’ve spent so long floating around the art world at this point, it’s kind of my home. Maybe I’m an artist, maybe I’m not, I’m not sure honestly, but what I am sure of is my undying love of art. Art is what I wanted to do above all other things growing up; […]

I used to have no interest in doing weddings. I was a die hard romantic but the pressure and stress of a wedding seemed like it would be too much. Friends of friends would ask me to do their tiny backyard weddings when I was starting out and I’d tell them I had no idea […]