I think we're all carrying these little mountains around with us. The things we have conquered and accomplished, or want to reach the top of,  in our lives--personally and professionally and emotionally. And Little Mountain Creative Company is my way of celebrating those things in others and myself! A mini art house of sorts. Weddings, artist stories, families growing bigger and getting older in a mix of lifestyle and fine art portraits and other art. Photos especially are such a cool and big way of keeping track of our personal histories; a wonderful way to remember everything we've ever had with other people.
Pay attention, friends. Because this is it. All of this stuff around us is exactly what life is made of! I want to make something visual and lasting of it with you so that you have an actual, tiny, tangible treasure of what mattered to us so much in this short life. 

a lil teaser


Growing up, my dad always had a camera with him. I don't think he would consider himself an artist by any means, but he loved taking photos of absolutely anything and everything. Somewhere in an album is a photo of the flower sheets on my bed when I was 8, I would have never remembered them on my own, and I think there is something so beautiful about that! My favorite days were going to pick up our developed photos. Piled on top of each other, looking through the photos we hadn't been able to see immediately on a screen; there was something so magical about it.

And we don't really get that experience on our own anymore. But that feeling, that joy, is something I want to give to other people.
Art has always been the biggest constant in my life. The medium was always changing--singing, drawing, acting, writing, painting, ceramics, mixed media, graphic design, photography...but photography was one that I never moved very far away from. I would always come back to it. I see the world in potential photographs now. And I look for clients who want to take the time to make art with me and are genuine, sweet humans with heart and stories!

the photog behind the lens

a closer look at

I remember lying in bed once when I was 21, very early in the morning and the sun was streaming in through the narrow split in the curtains, highlighting the dancing dust particles in an almost cinematic way. My little sister, who was 3 at the time, was sleeping on my chest. I looked down at her sweet little head, her hair so whispy and soft, the way my hands were holding her to me, and the light in the background, and those dancing dust particles. I wished for someone to capture it the way I saw it in my head. I had this vision of dreamy, dark photos with mood and immense emotion. I went through a short list of local photographers in my head and couldn’t think of anyone who did what I was thinking of. So I decided I would do that for other people.
My philosophy is simply taking photos I would want. Photos that would spark joy in my chest in 40 years. Photos I would show my children’s children and they would be in awe at--and that would live on long after me. The way I delivered that changed and grew over the years but has always the drive behind me. I will always put my whole heart into our time together because I know the weight photos can carry in this world. I love lively, energetic photos and quiet, darling ones. We will play and have fun during our sessions, but somewhere in the back of my mind, always, is the reminder that these photos are not for today. It's kind of rare to spend a little time being intentionally intimate for a while with people we love, which that alone is a pretty cool thing to do on a Saturday evening. 

"i don't shoot what it looks like, i shoot what it feels like."

our philosophy