Wedding Bliss

August 30, 2018

I used to have no interest in doing weddings. I was a die hard romantic but the pressure and stress of a wedding seemed like it would be too much. Friends of friends would ask me to do their tiny backyard weddings when I was starting out and I’d tell them I had no idea what I was doing but if that was okay with them, then I’d try.
I didn’t fall in love right away. But I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would either. So the seed grew. I would find more and more I loved about shooting weddings as the weddings got bigger and the requests to do them extended beyond friends of friends and tiny backyard weddings. But not just that, more and more the things that scared me about weddings–time spent editing them, missing personal weekend events for them, the stress of getting all the “right” shots–became things that brought me joy or I was okay sacrificing or I was happy to make my own on a wedding day. I loved chasing after people for 8-10 hours straight and seeing their most intimate moments on their happiest day.
Now I live for weddings!! They make me so happy and force creativity in a way that is always making me grow. I spend the day looking at light and love through my metaphorical and literal lens. And how could I, a die hard romantic, not love that?

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