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And I'll chase the light! I get so giddy when you're just happy to dance together or laugh with each other as you run after one another. If you never look at the camera, that makes it all the better in my book.
In the unposed, real moments between me shouting ridiculous things for you to do is what makes up your story, really (your versions of silly and funny and quiet and sweet...and maybe even a touch of the grumpy). No two people pose the same--they bring themselves into it and therein lies the beauty of photography.
I look for creative clients, wild little families, women who don't mind getting some mud on their clothes and men who don't mind big being romantic softies, madly in love hearts who love each other with lingering touches and sweet, shy smiles or big toothy grins and those happy glances filled to the brim with adoration!
Here's the skinny: You don't have to be anything but in love with the people around you to take a good photo. But we'll get along most if you're also a little anti-traditional and don't mind a little quirky unconvention!

you've got the love